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Newton Running Shoes Offer “60 Days of Better” Risk Free Trial

Newton Running Shoes 60 Days of Better risk free trial program

Newton Running Shoes 60 Days of Better risk free trial program

If you’re like us, Newton’s lightweight, virtually flat shoes with that paw-like tread bulge have intrigued. But perhaps not to the point where you wanna risk $125 or more to try them out. Well, through October 31, you can give ’em a full 60-day test and put your mind to rest knowing you can return ’em for a full refund if you don’t like them.

Never heard of Newton? Basically, they’re a near-zero drop running shoe with active cushioning in the forefoot to help return energy at lift off while providing better “feel” of the terrain across the entire bottom of the foot. The idea is to cushion without giving up the sensitivity, position and flex your foot is supposed to have. Check out the trial promo (North America customers only) and more here.

We have a couple pair on test, too, look for a write up later this fall.

Shimano Updating Di2 Lever, Button Options for Triathlon Bikes – UPDATED

2013 Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 SW907 aero extension shifter buttons for electronic shifting

2013 TM01 Dura-Ace Di2 triathlon TT bike

At Interbike, a couple of our eagle-eyed writers noticed BMC’s 2013 TM01 TT/triathlon bike was equipped with Dura-Ace Di2 9070 11-speed group and an as-yet-unseen full suite of button pods up front. Thing is, the brake lever shifter pods aren’t easily found on Shimano’s website yet, nor are they available anywhere online.

Here’s what’s going on: Shimano’s Di2 parts that don’t need to be spec-level specific will come without Dura-Ace, Ultegra or other branding, just a model number. That includes the TT/triathlon shifter pods moving forward, and likely the junction boxes and all wiring and batteries, too. So what you’re seeing on the this BMC is a mock build using existing Di2 TT shifters mated to the new drivetrain just for the show. Delivery isn’t expected until late this year, which is why BMC’s TM01 and any other tri bike planning on spec’ing Di2 will be held until then.

UPDATE: The BMC photos here, including the ones we took of just the levers, are mockups so they could get their catalog together. Actual new Di2 TT shifters/brake pods may look a bit different…we’re hoping a little sleeker.

The difference is Shimano’s move to the single-wire E-Tube format for the new Dura-Ace. Introduced with Ultegra Di2, it simplifies installation and reduces the number of wires needed. The new shifters will work only with E-Tube.

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Hawk Racing Adds Clincher Aero Carbon Wheels, Updates Hubs & Brings Wheelbuilding Home to Florida

2013 Hawk Racing Veyron tubular and clincher aero carbon fiber road bike wheels

Hawk Racing’s news is focused on their wheels, which are all now hand built in Florida using Sapim spokes and Italian Alpina self-locking nipples. They were being built in Taiwan by a friend of his, but they closed their facility to do other things. We’re glad to see it come home.

The wind tunnel tested Veyron rims gain a 42mm carbon clincher. Founder Sven Folmer says the profile is similar to Zipp’s Firecrest shape but are his own design, not from a catalog (yes, we asked directly). Weight is 1,590g for the set, retail is $2,999. His new hubs get a carbon shell with straight pull 20/24 spokes and will be used mostly on the Veyron wheels.

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Interbike 2012: Campagnolo Shrinks Record EPS TT Bar End Shifters

2013 Campagnolo Record EPS TT bar end shifter levers get smaller

Shortly after announcing their Record/Super Record EPS groups, Campagnolo brought in compatible brake lever and bar end button pods and electronic levers.

For 2013, the original bar end e-levers drop down to the Athena EPS level and Record gets these shorter, lighter levers. The super stubby lever design is based on sponsored rider feedback saying they didn’t need them to be longer. They also fit well within UCI rules and are race legal.

They’ll work with Record and Super Record EPS, not Athena (here’s why). The small button under the lever is the mode/settings button. Their EPS TT brake lever shifters don’t have the mode button because some OEM customers won’t want to spec button pods on both the lever and bar ends.

Pro teams should be getting them next month and aftermarket and OEM parts should start shipping by February. Retail pricing not set yet. Flick through for more pics…

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Found: Raceware’s 3D Printed Disc Wheel Valve Covers w/ Magnet…and a Printed Titanium Stem!

Raceware Direct 3D printed disc wheel valve covers with integrated cycling computer magnet

Following their 3D printed Garmin cycling computer mount, which is available in both road drop bar and aero extension mounting platforms, Raceware Direct just sent us these photos of his new valve hole covers for full disc aero wheels. The particularly trick part is the integrated magnet, letting you stealthily (and aerodynamically) send wheel speed data to your cycling computer’s pickup sensor.

More pics and a prototype 3D printed titanium stem below…

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2013 SRAM Force Updated with Trickledown RED Tech



SRAM has updated their original road group, Force, with some of the RED tech for 2013. Parts affected are the cranksets, rear derailleur and shifter levers.

The cranksets get new chainrings that are stiffer and better optimized for quick shifts, and SRAM says they’re more durable, too. The shifter levers now have Zero Loss actuation, meaning they start pulling cable the instant you start pushing them. No more wasted movement means quicker, snappier shifting performance, something we’ve always enjoyed with RED.

Lastly, the rear derailleur gets a mid-length cage option to work with their expanded Wi-Fli cassette range, like the new 11-32. All sizes also get the new AeroGlide pulleys to make things a bit quieter and smoother. Pics below…

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New Barfly TT Mounts Garmin Edge, Forerunner on Aero Extensions

Barfly TT cycling computer mount for aerobars for garmin edge and forerunner

Tate Labs has added a TT version of its Garmin cycling computer mounts.

The Barfly TT is designed to mount on the aerobar extensions and hold the computer between or outside them. It uses their patent pending 1/8 turn to lock the computer into place and works with both Edge and Forerunner units. It’s made of Delrin, so it won’t scratch or harm alloy or carbon extensions. Inside clamp diameter is 22.2mm to fit virtually all brands.

The mount will work with Garmin Edge 300/500/800 and Forerunner 301XT and 910XT models with Garmin’s aftermarket Quick Release Kit. Retail is $39.99 and it’ll be available September 12. Click through for more pics…

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Lightweight Wheels debuts Full Carbon Fernweg Aero Clinchers, Ultralight Meilenstein Tubular Upgrades


After introducing the tubular Fernweg aero wheels earlier this year, Lightweight has announced a clincher version to be shown at Eurobike. They also have a revised version of the premium Meilenstein (Milestone) tubulars that brings several improvements.

The Fernweg C borrows the aerospace tech used on the Meilenstein C wheels to combat heat buildup and give the wheels solid braking. This tech is put on the aerodynamic rim shape of the Fernweg, then modified to run clincher tires. We’re waiting on specs like weight, rim depth, etc., and will update when we get it. The tubular version is running 16/20 spokes and has 81mm deep rims, we suspect these will be similar.

The Fernweg C and the new Meilenstein will work with the new 11-speed groups coming out and have a weiss (white) color option, too. Both wheels also use their full carbon spokes, which eliminate spoke holes and prevent water from getting into the rims…the benefit of which should be obvious.

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Review: Bontrager RXL Hilo Triathlon Cycling Shoe


I’m not sure about others, but it’s always difficult to find a cycling shoe that “fits.”

I am a triathlete to be sure and have big hooves -size 14- and they are wide. This makes things a bit harder for me when it comes to finding a shoe that does not feel like it was made for someone who’s foot looks like a pizza slice. When testing any shoe, including running shoes, I am probably one of the most OCD/anal retentive reviewers on the planet. With that being said, finding the Bontrager RXL Hilo Triathlon cycling shoe on my doorstep I was skeptical – but only for a split second!

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2013 Raleigh Singulus Could Be Perfect Bike for Beginner Triathletes

2013 Raleigh Singulus alloy triathlon bike could be the perfect bike for beginner triathletes


2013 Raleigh Singulus alloy triathlon bike could be the perfect bike for beginner triathletes

For 2013, Raleigh has made minor but significant updates to their Militus, Revenio and Capri road bikes, all of which are posted on But the real surprise is the Singulus, an incredibly well spec’d, lightweight alloy triathlon bike that signals their entry into more markets and their continued delivery of bikes that bring excellent spec at really, really good prices.

Brian Fornes, Raleigh’s marketing manager, says the new resources coming from their recent acquisition by Accell, is letting them do some pretty amazing things. The Singulus is a great example of that. Raleigh’s been getting behind more “cause” events like MS rides and Ride for the Cure, and this gives them a bike to put under riders on the Danskin series and others.

The frame gets almost all hydroformed tubes for a smooth aero shape, aided by internal cable routing. Given the price point and audience, they didn’t subject this model to the wind tunnel (though Fornes said this is just the beginning). Even so, the downtube, seat tube and seatstays are all tear drop shaped.

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